Adult, Teen and Child  Orthodontics in San Diego

We want to make sure our patients of all ages feel comfortable, respected, and welcome from the moment we first meet you online and when you walk through our door.  That’s how we became the very best in San Diego orthodontics.

For Adults

Are you interested in receiving orthodontic treatment but are unsure if you want to spend a year or more of you life sporting the same orthodontic appliances traditionally associated with children? You are most certainly not alone!

At Torrey Pines Orthodontics, we can offer you the latest, most efficient adult orthodontic treatment imaginable in half the time.  We correct your bite and smile without dealing with the taboo of wearing traditional braces.

We have the answer for you. Accelerated Orthodontics!  Treatment done in half the time with NEW inovations in Invisalign treatment.  Give us a call at Torrey Pines Orthodontics to learn about your options in terms of discreet, fast adult treatment that can bring uniformity to your smile without sacrificing your polished appearance.

For the best in San Diego Orthodontics call us at Torrey Pines Orthodontics!

Doctor Merz and our seasoned staff share a genuine concern for helping you reach your goals with a treatment that works for your life and your budget. That’s why we make sure to combine state-of-the-art technology with cutting edge orthodontic techniques that allow us to offer top tier orthodontic care while putting you through the least discomfort possible.

For Teens and Children

We offer traditional and Invisalign treatment for kids too.  Dr. Merz has the expertise to use a multitude of appliancs to achieve that “winning smile” you want for your children.  

We keep you safe with minimal in offfice visits?

We offer an online initial consultations and a variety of services to treat the entire family, including Invisalign for Adults, Teens and Children. Traditional braces are no longer the only option required for Early orthodontic treatment for kids. 

Interested in what options we have for our adult patients and for children? We treat malocclusion in adults and children in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is called Invisalign. We are doing most treatments now with the Invisalign appliance. 

Invisalign is an alternative to braces that instead involves wearing a series of discreet, virtually undetectable clear plastic aligners that can be removed for meals and routine dental hygiene. These aligners are an excellent alternative for adults who don’t like the appearance of braces or who are worried that braces may cause irritation to their mouth..

To learn more about whether you might be a good candidate for braces or Invisalign, call us at Torrey Pines Orthodontics to speak to our seasoned specialist about your options with Dr. Merz and San Diego Orthodontics!

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