About Two Phase Treatment

Treatment done in 2 Phases…

is a special kind of treatment which treats the developing jaws to prevent the need for removal of the permanent teeth and the growth of uneven jaws.  Dr. Merz uses techniques  which lessen or eliminate the development of sleep apnea and gum recession in later life.

In short, 2 Phase Treatment first addresses the underlying causes to give a more stable, healthy and often more esthetic final result.  Time in traditional braces is vastly reduced to a short and comparatively easy treatment or possibly no braces are needed at all.  

Who is it for?

Children ages 4-7 should get an early diagnosis.  Favorable timing of treatment will lessen the amount of treatment required to yeild a lifetime of benefits.  The same treatment  can take 2-3 months in a 4 year old or a year in an 8 year old.  

Never fear, Mom!  Youg children love coming to see the orthodontist.  They feel proud because they are “just like the Big Kids”.  They come skipping into the office as if it were a treat to be here.

What is Phase I Treatment?

The initial Phase I Treatment addresses favorable development of the jaws and the alveolus  where the teeth are growing. The goal is to direct jaw growth and create an environment for optimum health, stability and esthetics.  

What is Phase II Treatment?

The Second and final Phase of Treatment is done when the permanent teeth erupt.  The final bite correction of the upper and lower teeth is achieved and the final details of the aesthetic smile are created.

Schedule a Complimentary Exam Today:  There is no charge for an evaluation.  If your child does not currently need tratment, we provide periodic observation, at no charge, until the optimum time is right.

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