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San Diego orthodontist

San Diego orthodontist

If you are looking for an orthodontic office where you and your family can receive different types of orthodontic treatments, you should make an appointment to visit us at Torrey Pines Orthodontics. Whether your child needs interceptive dental care, your teen needs braces, or you want to have your teeth straightened as an adult, you should come in to be seen by our San Diego orthodontist.

Our expert and highly trained San Diego orthodontist is Dr. Mary Lynn Merz. Dr. Merz is a Board Certified Orthodontist who brings over 20 years of experience to her patients. At our orthodontic practice, our orthodontist treats each patient as an individual, and works with each patient to meet their individual orthodontic goals. The orthodontic results that patients receive at our orthodontic practice are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will ensure that you have a healthy and long-lasting smile. Our orthodontist will always make sure that she takes each individuals face into consideration when determining what a smile will look like after treatment is completed. Patients of all ages are able to receive the orthodontic care that they need. For our youngest patients, aged 7 to 11, our orthodontist is able to provide interceptive orthodontic care to help reduce the amount of care needed later on, when the child is a teen. With early interceptive orthodontic care, children also need to have fewer teeth extractions later on.

When it is your teen who needs orthodontic care, we offer several different braces solutions so that your teen will not need to be self-conscious about wearing braces. Along with traditional metal braces, we also offer clear braces, Invisalign invisible braces, and treatment with lingual braces which will not show in the mouth. We also have many adults who come to our practice for orthodontic care. Whether the orthodontic care is wanted for purely cosmetic reasons, or to help relieve TMJ pain, we offer many options for adults as well. Our San Diego orthodontist can treat adults with several different types of braces options including: Invisalign invisible braces; Damon braces; Incognito lingual braces; and clear ceramic braces. At our practice patients can also receive help for snoring and sleep apnea, through the use of custom appliances. For an appointment to meet with our top-notch, board-certified orthodontist, contact us today.

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