Laser Orthodontics in San Diego

Orthodontic care has a history that extends over a century. From the original metal braces to the more lightweight, streamlined, and aesthetically pleasing ones available today. Now there is Invisalign which is totally invuisable.   Advancements in the field continue to build on and improve the effectiveness of treatments, decreasing the time needed, allowing you to enjoy unprecedented comfort, and have a more attractive and healthy smile in the process.

At Torrey Pines Orthodontics, we are committed to your optimal orthodontic well-being. And now, thanks to the very latest in technology, we’re pleased to provide the advantages of our San Diego laser orthodontics.

Treating your tooth alignment issues encompasses a wider scope than many people realize. Certainly, at its core, there is the repositioning of teeth for maximum efficiency and cosmetic benefit. That’s what braces, both metal and the newer types made of plastic, are all about.

When your teeth have been aligned the way that makes you proud to show off your smile, though, what if your gums are not up to the standard you would like? It’s as if you painted the exterior of your house, but your lawn was in disrepair. Receding gums, or ones that are puffy tend to negate the positive feeling you get from your new, attractive smile. There’s no need to consult with a periodontist. Right here in our office, you can have those problems corrected simply, quickly, and painlessly with our San Diego laser orthodontics. The laser looks like a pen, and it uses a state-of-the-art method to give you more attractive gums. Nothing could be easier. There’s no down time or long recovery, either.

Would you like to take advantage of our San Diego laser orthodontics? If so, why not call us right now and schedule an appointment for a consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate?

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