Damon Clear Braces



Damon Braces make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and more efficient.

Damon Braces are different from traditional braces. They use a “high tech”, “self ligating”, friction free technology.  Our Damon braces are clear!!

Why are Damon Braces more comfortable?

The friction free technology requires  less pressure to move the teeth than is needed with traditional braces.   The teeth glide freely along the main archwire with no binding elastic-tie forces to overcome.

Traditional braces require elastic ties which cause frictional resistance to tooth movement.  Damon Braces do not require these elastic ties.  Instead, they have a built in “sliding door” that guides the teeth along the main archwire. 

How do Damon Braces reduce treatment time?

Because less pressure is required with friction free technology, there is increased blood flow to the area and the bone can heal faster.



  Damon 3 Video

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